Anti – stress treatment — relaxing massage for the whole body

Being stressed over a long period of time can lead to disease.

The anti-stress therapy begins with a series of back and forth movements reminding the body of the early stages of its young age. Slowly taken over by this feeling you are guided away from mental tension, surrendering yourself to a state of half-consciousness and drowsiness, of peace and discharge that makes it possible for the therapist to further continue with deeper movements on the muscles to completely discharge them.

Finally a few passes and pressures on the feet (where every part or organ of our body is reflected) and ending with calming down and recovering every area of your body.

After the treatment you feel complete harmony, fully relaxed but ready to continue with your daily activities.

90 min: 80 € / 60 min :55 €




Neck, shoulders and back

*Ideal to quickly eliminate stress, unlocking the tension in the back, neck and shoulders

*Activates blood circulation, reducing fatigue, muscle tension and pain.

* After this relaxing treatment you are again full of energy and vitality but also enjoying inner peace and tranquility.

30 min: 30 € 40 min 40 €

Sports Massage — Before, during, or after exercise

The Sport massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, to recover after a big event or during training, or to prevent and repair injuries in muscles and tendons. It stimulates blood circulation and drains lymph fluids.

There are four types:

*Preparatory: 20 to 45 minutes before the sporting event. Attention is on the muscles to exercise

*After sport event: treatment made 1 or 2 hours after the sporting event, to normalize tissues.

*Restoring: treatment during the training to allow the athlete to train harder and with fewer injuries

*Rehabilitating: To alleviate pain due to injury and helps the body to recover.

30 min: 30 € / 60 min: 55 € / 90 min: 80 €

Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic drainage treatment has a very positive influence on the organism. Activates and stimulates blood circulation. The treatment helps to remove toxins and fluid buildup from the body. The drainage of lymph fluid is achieved by treating and controlling the lymph nodes with natural oils, which accelerate the drainage of the moisture, while facilitating the state of relaxation and the feeling of wellbeing.

The lymphatic drainage treatment is designated for people who have to deal with fluid buildup, circulatory problems, fatigue and excess toxins in the body.

A well-working lymphatic system is crucial for a well-working immune system.

60 min: 55 € 90 min 80 €

Hot Stone Massage — The treatment with warm basalt stones

This treatment offers many benefits for curing painful ailments. The smooth hot stones provide instant relief from the pain on the body with total relaxation as a result.

Designated for reducing and combating mental and physical fatigue,

Relieving contractions and inflammation,

Drains lactic- and carbon acid, and activates and stimulates blood circulation.

This technique promotes a deep state of meditation and helps with specific problems.

*Helps to improve chronic pain

*Detoxifies the body

*Helps in the fight against neck – and back ailments

*Promotes relaxation and reduces stress

*This is a deep-tissue treatment

90 min: 80 €

The Four hands Treatment — Synchronized treatment with 2 massage therapists

*A Holistic practice that promotes integration and balance of body, mind and emotions.

*Helps to eliminate toxins as well as mental and emotional blockages.

*Improves the functioning of the digestive – , nervous and lymphatic systems; nourishes the skin and relaxes and tones muscles.

*Induces relaxation and deep sleep.

* During the treatment, muscle tensions and energetic blockages, cause of physical, mental, and emotional disorders, are removed.

* We use vegetable black sesame – or coconut oil, warm, temperate or at room temperature, Ayurvedic herbs and essential oils.

70 min 100 €



Ritual Tantra Treatment

The “Tantra” massage is at the same time a sensual and a spiritual experience, and aims to awaken the consciousness in the body, free from mental control, away from the gestures and the automatic behaviors of everyday life.

Breathing is of the essence for this massage; it must be deep and conducted by the diaphragm. It aims to loosen up, unlocking the emotions to allow access to the beneficial sensations of the touches and caresses, introducing in the body a kind of vibration that makes any thought difficult.

The therapist follows the acts and the relaxing rituals described in the Arcanicias , to obtain a state of total abandonment and deep relaxation. This therapy teaches the body, the spirit and the mind how to apply and obtain balance in life, for yourself and your companion

90 min: 130 €



Sensitive massage

* The sensitive massage is a therapeutic treatment that awakens the perception of the body as a unit and restores the fragmentation between the different parts, with complete body harmony as a goal.

The word “sensitive” refers to the awakening of the senses.

* The contact with the body is capable of bringing about changes in our emotional world, our posture and our unconscious behavior. The goal is in fact to make the body aware that it is an incredible instrument capable of influencing negative emotional life experiences.

*With relaxing touches and caresses, you are guided to a state of remembrance. One feels accepted and loved, in a total experience of confidence, completely surrendering to deep thoughts. By learning to accept yourself as you are and who you are, you increase self confidence in your body and in your life.

70 min: 90 € / 90 min: 130 €


This technique originated in antiquity and consists of applying a very specific massage in certain pressure points on the feet.

It is believed that all organs and body parts are connected to places on the feet.

The massage works accurately in the corresponding areas on the feet in order to regain our health, our harmony and our physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

When treating the feet it is intended to relieve fatigue and accumulated tension that is released during the day in the feet and legs. This treatment prevents the appearance of varicose veins or it can improve its condition.

And above all, this treatment leads to a general feeling of relaxation that helps to sleep better.

50 min: 50 €



Chocolate therapy – Happiness returns to your body and hydrates your skin

This treatment is very comforting for body and mind. It acts on the entire nervous system, helping it to improve depression and anxiety due to the properties of the components of chocolate, like polyphenols or tannin.

On the physical and aesthetic side, it moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens the skin by providing proteins, amino acids and trace elements that possess antioxidant properties and help to stimulate circulation by eliminating fatty substances.

After a chocolate treatment you will feel that your mood has improved. You are left with a feeling of pure pleasure that will activate all your senses.

90 min: 95 € 120 min 130 €



The Vichy Shower — peeling and relaxing massage under a horizontal shower imitating rainfall

The Vichy Shower is a very relaxing and moisturizing experience that combines the power of water with a treatment using aromatic balms. This perfect combination helps to reduce stress.

*analgesic, sedative and anti-stress

*promotes blood circulation and drainage of toxins and lymphatic fluids

*causes the muscles to relax and relieves contractures

*tones the skin

*contributes to treatments for rheumatism

70 min: 80 €

Sun bed

* 10 min – 7 €

* 15 min — 10 €

* Bonus 10 sessions + 1 free 35€ 10 sessions + 2 free 70 €